February to the end of April 2017

Guadeloupe is a wonderful country and it offers many a natural spectacles. From hiking the volcano to swim in remote forest lakes under dream like waterfalls, one never gets bored.

The Cousteau Reserve is located around the Pigeon islets in the town of Bouillante. Jacques-Yves Cousteau filmed there several scenes of his feature film « The Silent World » (Le Monde du Silence) in 1955. Fascinated by the site’s vast biological diversity, he encouraged the protection of the reserve that to this day holds his name.

I will be working with a local dive centre until the end of April to get my Divemaster certification. The place is wonderful and after each dive we go and relax in the local hot springs.
If you feel like joining us, then drop me a line and I’ll give you all the necessary information.

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