Easy like Sunday morning

As you might have noticed, the main page is divided in two main sections: The story so far and Find out more.

In the first section you will find my most recent stories and adventures divided in Posts and ordered chronologically. Some of them talk about my travels, others of places I visited or people I met. Some others are personal reflections on society, on aesthetics or politics. The content is a mix of word, images and videos.
The Journal section in the main menu will give you access to all the Posts. Once again they will be organised chronologically, starting from the most recent ones.

If you are particularly interested in a subject you can choose one from the Index in the top section of the Journal page.
Alternatively you could also search for a specific work with the Search box at the bottom of the Main page.

In the next section Find out more you will find more detailed information on how to get involved with the project or how to join me on a leg of my journey. There is also a section where I share interesting books, documentaries, articles or videos I stumble on during my research.

Feel free to explore my website and its content, do not hesitate to interact with it by leaving a comment, sharing a post on your favourite social media platform, by connecting on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. You can also drop me an email to suggest changes, offer ideas or collaborations.
Constructive criticism is the engine of change. Negativity is boring and depressing and will probably be ignored. We all know the problems, what we need is solutions.

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