How it all began

The day I met Mr. Happiness

In September 2015, in a suburb of Oslo, I met a Computer Science student from Pakistan. He called himself Mr. Happiness.
During the three days we spent together, I realised that I was living in a cage built by my own hands. I was working to pay rent, so that I could go back to work. Like a good hamster, I was running on my own little wheel without realising that the only thing that kept the cage locked was my own ability to make excuses.
At the end of the three days Mr. Happiness made me an offer I shouldn’t have refused (click here for the full story), but I did.
I had to say “no” in order to go back to a job that had long since stopped putting a smile on my face. “We all have a mortgage to pay” is the usual excuse. I was hiding behind the comfort of the norm, pretending I didn’t have a choice.

On my flight back to London I realised my life needed to change.

Now I travel the world to document the life of people that live differently from the way we have been taught in the western world, to prove that happiness does not come from a stable job, a mortgage, a car or all those things we buy and never use. I try to travel in the greenest possible way: I cycle, hike, or sail. I use barter rather than money, I work in exchange for a place to stay, food or means of transportation. I meet wonderful people and discover as much about the world as I do about myself.

I have no doubts that if I want the world to become a better place, I need, first of all, to become a better human being.

This website will collect the chronicles of my journey towards a more fulfilling and adventurous life and the stories of the inspiring people I meet on the way.



Either you’re happy with very little, free of all that extra luggage, because you have happiness inside, or you don’t get anywhere!

Jose Mujica (Revolutionary, prisoner, former president of Uruguay)

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Cerro Campanario - San Carlos de Bariloche - Argentina

Juan Martin
🇪🇸 🇮🇹

“Después de haber escrito Cien años de soledad, apareció en Barranquilla un muchacho confesando que tiene una cola de cerdo. Basta abrir los periódicos para saber que entre nosotros cosas extraordinarias ocurren todos los días.” Gabriel García Márquez El otro día fue mi cumpleaños. Sentí el deseo de una montaña y así subimos a la […]

A game of light and space

A game of light and space

As the sun shies away behind the abraded slopes of Cotacachi, the sharp mouth of the Imbabura fills up with gold. The boys look up, frozen in trepidation. Mid-air, the basket ball hesitates, a flaming sky for backdrop, like a planet seeking its orbit. I look away with a grin on my face, uncaring of […]

Vintage Projector

Hidden secrets of the Eje Cafetero

“A soft light pervades the dusty rooms of the colonial building. Every corner is stashed with testimonies of the department’s recent past.” Away from the overly beaten touristic tracks of the Eje Cafetero, hidden among the anonymous streets of the small town of Calarcá, two unassuming men guard one of the most important treasures of […]

Baia Concha parque Tayrona

Dreams and aspirations

Baia Concha is a nice secluded bay in the Tayrona National Park. Late in the afternoon, when all the people are gone, fishermen and tourists boats have stoped and the sound systems have been shut down, the sun sets behind the greenest hills, the sky turns orange and one can enjoy the sudden silence and […]

Pan Ossia - Steel Pan Band from Gouyave - Grenada

Using frustration to produce real magic

Last Saturday Grenada was supposed to host the National Steel Pan Bands Showdown, also known as Panorama. On Friday I had the luck to assist the rehearsal of a small unsupported band in Gouyave, a small fishermen’s village north of St. George. Young students from the village spent months preparing for the event, working hard […]

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    23 Months
    13 Countries (3 Continents)
    1 Ocean Crossing
    Over 20000 KM
    9 Sailing Vessels
    3 Bicycles
    0 Flights

Carbon Footprint

    0.9 tonnes of CO2e/year
    Average footprint in the U.K. 7.13 tonnes
    Average footprint in the U.S. 16.4 tonnes
    Average worldwide is about 4 tonnes
    Worldwide target 2 tonnes



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