Voyager, c’est bien utile, ça fait travailler l’imagination. Tout le reste n’est que déceptions et fatigues. Notre voyage à nous est entièrement imaginaire. Voilà sa force.

Céline, Voyage au bout de la nuit


Join me on my journey

The road is there to be shared and so are the sea and the mountain trail. Whether you like cycling, sailing or hiking in remote places, why not joining me on a leg of my journey?

In this section you can find a list of my upcoming expeditions, travels, sport activities or volunteer campaigns.

Needless to say, it also works the other way around. If you have an interesting journey in mind, if you are sailing somewhere and you are looking for someone to share the experience with or quite simply you would like to suggest somewhere amazing to go to, then by all means do get in touch!


Diving in the Cousteau Reserve

(February to the end of April 2017)

Guadeloupe is a wonderful country and it offers many a natural spectacles. Cousteau was so impressed he created…

Join me diving in this beautiful natural reserve.

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Sailing the Caribbean to South America

(May to July 2017)

I will be slowly making my way towards South America starting from June.
If are you sailing South bound through the Caribbean and you are looking for a helping hand on board then please do get in touch.

I have over 5000nm of sailing experience as crew. I am capable, clean, hardworking and always smiling.

Even if you are not specifically looking for help, you know you could do with an extra smile on board or some really cool photos of your beloved bateau.

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Cycling trough Patagonia

(Probably 2020)

Who doesn’t dream of exploring one of the most remote areas of our planet, home to an incredible variety of wildlife and vegetation?

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