I’d like to share a few things I have come to learn during this first part of my journey.
Happiness might feel a little elusive at times but these few tips learned on the road have got me closer than I have ever been to understand where to look for it.
Mind you it is nothing new, but I guess I had to learn it on my own skin.
Here it goes…

Always climb onto something high enough to allow you to see the stars, even if it’s just a chair.
Take your sons and daughters to paint over billboards.
Teach them how to milk a cow and how to pick cherries from a tree.
Use newspapers to set fire to your TV.
Talk to strangers and forget about the weather.
Read a new book every time you think you need to buy something,
then give the book to someone you have just met.
Plant ten seeds for every hour you spend in front of a screen, they might feed your family one day.

Use a bicycle every time you can, walk everywhere else.
If at sea: sail, swim, dive.

Say Yes as many times as you can, even when you can’t.

Love as much as you can.

Give, give, give.

Don’t take anything for granted, forget expectations, be surprised.
Love life in every shape and form and live it fully, with purpose, with intention, with aim.
Treasure the past but don’t let it be a weight, use the future to ponder you actions
but be in the present unconditionally.

Travel as much as you can, physically, mentally.
Hug, kiss, experiment, explore.

Don’t accept things, understand them.
Be patient but don’t just wait for something to happen, make it happen.
Believe everything is possible.
And don’t be afraid of change. Instead be curious, be daring, learn, grow.

Live every day as if it were your first: scary, promising, exciting.

More than anything,
enjoy the journey and choose to be happy.
If you think about it, you have nothing better to do anyway.


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